The Eighth Deadly Crack in the Economy


Rising Gas Prices Are the 8th Deadly Crack Photo Credit to M.V. Jantzen

Previously I wrote about “Seven Deadly Cracks” in the U.S. economy. Today I am here to discuss an eighth crack that was omitted in my first article. Why wasn’t the first article therefore called “8 Deadly Cracks”? Well, like any . . . → Read More: The Eighth Deadly Crack in the Economy

Dave Ramsey’s Money Misfire

Even the otherwise helpful financial guru Dave Ramsey gets it wrong sometimes. He’s certainly not buying any precious metals and trusts the FDIC to protect his wealth. . . . → Read More: Dave Ramsey’s Money Misfire

Why a Private Gold Standard Isn’t the Answer


Recently after the beta release, of my new book The Real Truth About Money a few of the initial readers are displeased with my solution to our currency issue, no surprise there. Most of them are distressed that my solution isn’t 100% based on gold, the most educated and passionate objectors also want the . . . → Read More: Why a Private Gold Standard Isn’t the Answer

Beta Verson of the Book Now Available


The Real Truth About Money is Part of the AOCS – TSP Copper Coin Project.

I made a decision to release the beta version of the eBook, “The Real Truth About Money” in pdf early before final completion. Why? Because I want the message spreading as soon as possible and I want your . . . → Read More: Beta Verson of the Book Now Available

Seven Deadly Cracks and The False Recovery


Photo Credit to Surat Lozowick

Today the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached its highest point of the year. It is also at the highest point since its complete collapse in late 2009 when it bottomed near 6600. As I post this the Dow is up to 11,525 and it may very well close . . . → Read More: Seven Deadly Cracks and The False Recovery is Seeking Contributing Writers


Well I seem to have the ball rolling along fairly well with so I am opening up the opportunity for people to become contributing authors. You can find all the details about the program on our Write For Us page. If you are a blogger that blogs about finance, economics, debt, monetary policy, . . . → Read More: is Seeking Contributing Writers

How Money Created Slavery


Debt Harnesses the Power of Money to Create Slaves

In the last article we discussed how money created liberty, while this is true there is another side to the story. Again we must restate that money is nothing but an agreement between members of an economy. A commodity of a common value used . . . → Read More: How Money Created Slavery

How Money Created Liberty


Flint blades may have been one of the earliest forms of currency. Photo Credit to Travis S.

I need to start out this article with a simple statement. Money is neither good nor evil, it simply exists. As we have stated several times now money is simply “an agreement of common value between . . . → Read More: How Money Created Liberty

Why Does Money Exist


Photo Credit to borman818

Let me ask you this, why did we create money in its modern form? Be it gold and silver coins, paper bills or any of the things we typically have agreed to use as money. This question is easier to answer and understand then our last one, “what is . . . → Read More: Why Does Money Exist

So What Is Money?


The question at first seems ridiculous. How could I bother you with such a question? You probably use money every day, to buy stuff, pay bills, hire help, bribe your kids, I mean come on of course you know what money is right? Yet can you really answer the question, I am here to . . . → Read More: So What Is Money?


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