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TRTAM.com stands for “the real truth about money” and the primary purpose is to educate people to just that. Isn’t it odd how little most people really know about money.

Think about the fact that we get 13 years of public education, many of us go on to 4 years or more of college and the only thing we tend to learn about money is book keeping and basic economics.

We learn almost nothing about what money actually is, how it actually works and why it was created in the first place.  In short most Americans know how to account for a dollar, save a dollar, spend a dollar and earn a dollar.  However very few can answer the heart of a simple question, “what is a dollar”.

Let me ask you the following…

  1. Do you really know how our money works?
  2. Do you really know where our money derives value from?
  3. Do you really know how banks loan money?
  4. Do you really know how our money is created and destroyed in daily transactions?
  5. Do you really know what the Federal Reserve is and how it works?
  6. Do you really know why prices go up every year on many items?
  7. Do you really understand financial terms well enough to explain them to a child?
  8. Do you really understand why most Americans are betting on inflation?
  9. Do you really understand why so many people lost their jobs from 2008-2011?
  10. Do you really know when you are being lied to by the TV, corporations and politicians?

My guess is you either answered more then a few of those questions with a no or if you can honestly answer them all with a yes you know how important educating others about them really is.  The truth is the average American and more alarming the average congressman is in the words of Representative Ron Paul, “ignorant about monetary policy”.  In fact many people that are fairly informed and believe they can answer all the questions above are shocked when you begin to pull back the layers of our current economic system.

Our goal at TRTAM.com isn’t to tell you what to think about money, it is to educate you to how our current system works, how prior systems have worked, what our constitution says and then encourage you to form your own opinions about what should be changed.   The reality is our current system is broken for a ton of reasons but here are a few really big ones.

  • In our current system anything less then growth is failure
  • In our current system paying off our debt is mathematically impossible, no matter how much we cut spending or increase taxes it can’t happen.  Math doesn’t lie!
  • In our current system a private corporation controls our public currency.
  • In our current system the average American has no idea how our money works.

The list could go on for pages but those four are some of the biggest issues we have today and the lack of public knowledge is the biggest issue.  So our site exists to provide a simple and real world education about money.  Not how to invest in the next hot stock or how to make your 401K pay for a vineyard.  No simply what makes a dollar a dollar, what makes it gain or loose value, what is the national debt, what does the income tax actually pay for and more.  The answers to some of these questions will both shock and anger you.

TRTAM.com is not liberal or conservative, democratic or republican, it is simply the facts presented in a way anyone can understand them.  Our goal is for Americans, real Americans, teacher, farmers, computer programmers, auto workers, coal miners and every day people in general to have an intelligent and informed debate about making our nation better though better and constitutional monetary policy.


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