Beta Verson of the Book Now Available

The Real Truth About Money is Part of the AOCS - TSP Copper Coin Project.

I made a decision to release the beta version of the eBook, “The Real Truth About Money” in pdf early before final completion.  Why?  Because I want the message spreading as soon as possible and I want your help in completing the final section of the book.

The final chapter of the book is called, “Resources for Independence”.

This final chapter is where you can help, between now and about about the 5th of January please send your suggestions for this Chapter to jack at with subject, “resource for trtam” and we will consider your submissions for the final copy of the book.

A few things to note here include…

  • This is a BETA of the book, so some formatting changes, a few edits etc. remain.  I DO NOT require editing or formatting feedback at this time.  Please understand that any such feedback will simply add to my massive email load and be counter productive.  We have this under control.
  • I am releasing a beta version for a few reasons
    • I wanted the beta out before Christmas
    • I want blurbs and reviews of the book so please send those to me
    • I need your help as mentioned with the resources section
  • I wanted the book out before Christmas as many people will have the time to read during the holiday
  • It was impossible to release the final version before the holidays

A few things about future versions of the book…

  • I will be offering hard copies of the book via such copies will be sold for only about 2 dollars over cost.  This will not again WILL NOT effect the fact that electronic copies will be available for free.
  • When I submit the final manuscript to they will create an electronic version more suitable for eReaders such as the kindle or nook.   So questions about kindle versions in the comments will be ignored.  Sorry but I already know what to expect here.  There is no point in worrying about eReader compatibility at this point once we get the e-Version if compatibility is an issue we will take further steps to accommodate eReader versions.  I really could not be more clear on this issue.
  • The eBook versions won’t just stay free to download they are free to distribute as well.  There is no opt in email list or anything required at all to get a copy.  There never will be, free means free means free, got it?  No I will not take away the free download when the hard copies become available.

I hope that heads off most of the questions I am expecting about the beta version of the book and with that you can download the PDF using the link below.  For best results right click on the link and select save as to save the document to your hard drive.

Get the Beta Version of
The Real Truth About Money

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