Now They Can’t Even Print the Money Correctly

Photo Credit to Surat Lozowick

We often say that the government is firing up the printing presses and just printing money.  The reality is most of the money isn’t printed but created as simple code in a computer.  In fact only about 3% of our total money supply is in actual paper or coin.   Yet now it seems that about 10% of the money in print may be in indefinite “quarantine”.

In fact the total damage is over one billion fancy new 100 dollar bills that have errors caused by all the new enhanced security features.

Note – That is one billion bills a total face value of 110 billion dollars.  More money then it takes to run the Department of Homeland Security for a full year.  The problem is so large they say it could take 20-30 years of hand sorting to fix.

According to The Daily Mail the new high tech bills that were to be released in Feb. 2011 are now locked up like a bunch of quarantined bird flu patients in vaults in Fort Worth Texas and Washington DC.  In the mean time they are printing billions of dollars of old style 100’s bearing the signature of George W Bush’s treasury secretary, Hank Paulson in order to prevent “a cash flow crisis”.  So I guess someone is still using cash out there.

So just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse it does.

Read the Full Story at The Daily Mail


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