The Book

The eBook Version of The Real Truth About Money by Jack Spirko is now available as a free download.  For more information on what “beta release” means visit my post about the release here.

All Money is Debt

Perhaps you have heard that money and debt are one in the same, perhaps not; but few people really understand the true ramifications of that statement.  In this shocking look into our financial and economic systems Jack Spirko reveals with easy to understand language the shocking truth about our money.

In this book you will learn…

  • Where our money actually comes from
  • Why the national debt can never be repaid
  • How banks literally create money at will
  • Why gold is an answer but not “The Answer”
  • How modern money truly derives “worth”
  • What your income taxes actually pay for
  • Why the U.S. must return to a “public currency”
  • How private barter economies function
  • What you can do to escape “the system”

The Real Truth about Money unlocks the complex world of economics and finance and makes them understandable and more importantly relevant to the average person.  This is not a book designed to tell you what to think, it is instead designed to enlighten, inform and educate people to the true nature of economic slavery.  To inspire an educated debate among the only people who can ever fix the problem.

Wall Street and Washington have had their chance; it is now time for the American People to take over.

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The Real Truth About Money


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