The Video Every Member of Occupy Wall Street Needs to Watch (about 50 times)

I have been taking a lot of heat for not supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement.  My reason has been that I feel the average protestor has no idea what they are actually protesting and that they will be used a pawns and to incite riots when the elites will step in with a “solution” that will actually make the problem worse.  This is how I see it and I see it this way due to a few things…

  1. A lack of the ability of most of the protesters to articulate exactly what they want
  2. A lack of knowledge as to how the system they are protesting works
  3. The driving force behind them is simply anger because some people have more than they do

These three factors combine to create a volatile group which can be steered by guess who?

  1. People who will tell them what they want in a way that sounds good to them
  2. People that don’t just know the system they run the system
  3. People who excel at channeling their anger and blaming the working class and calling them rich

David Icke is the guy in this video, he is actually totally behind the Occupy protesters unlike me, yet his warning to them is exactly the same as mine.   Please listen to this video fully, if you really want to understand the direction things are going.  If you know people in the movement make sure they see this video, and I would do that absent of my comments here so that they will be receptive.  Again Icke is rooting for the protesters fully but please fully understand his dire warning here.

14 comments to The Video Every Member of Occupy Wall Street Needs to Watch (about 50 times)

  • Guy

    The answer is simple, but it won’t happen. Here it is: one set of rules for everybody. Corporation, small business, individual – same rules across the board. Anything different means someone is of more value than you, or of less value than you.

  • I used to listen to him on cassette tape quite a few years back. A switched on (as you would say Jack) trainer in the boxing gym I went to turned me onto him. I listened to him for a while then fell off, he has some interesting ideas for sure.

  • Cory Arsenault

    He may have a point but you know that this guy is nuts though eh? He believes that outerspace reptilian-humanoids secretly control the world….just sayin’.

    • ModernSurvival

      @Cory Arsenault, oh you are right of course, the man is in some ways nuttier than a fruit bat rolled in pecans and deep fried. Still there is NOTHING in this video I disagreed with other than he is more optimistic about OWS than I am, which is why I liked it. As someone who has not supported it from the get go it was good to hear my exact analysis presented by a strong supporter.

  • Richard Morris

    Some people think your nuts if you believe in God. Some people think that your nuts if you don’t believe in God. Just sayin!

    • ModernSurvival

      @Richard, interesting perspective and good point. Though Icke is actually more than likely certifiable. Doesn’t make him wrong on this tough does it.

  • Richard Morris

    Absolutely not. I was just saying that people are so very quick to judge somebody and dismiss all their information no matter how right it may be just because they have a belief or theory about something that they don’t agree with. I don’t agree with Ike’s theory on reptilians, but he does add a lot of interesting perspective on the greed and corruption that is controlling society.

    • ModernSurvival

      @Richard, my question was rhetorical I knew exactly where you were coming from man. I think you are spot on.

  • Cory Arsenault

    That’s why I started my comment with “he may have a point”. My concern was that by featuring this guy, people might get the wrong idea about Jack and the TSP.

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  • Great video, thanks for posting.

  • Dave

    i think tis cat is spot on

  • Nice insightful video. Thanks

    -The Tennessee Prepper


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