is Seeking Contributing Writers

Well I seem to have the ball rolling along fairly well with so I am opening up the opportunity for people to become contributing authors.   You can find all the details about the program on our Write For Us page.   If you are a blogger that blogs about finance, economics, debt, monetary policy, etc. this is a great opportunity for exposure. Will be Spread Via AOCS Copper Rounds, 10,000 of Them!

TRTAM isn’t even launched yet beyond a beta mode.  We have only been online for about 10 days and already receive 200-300 visits a day.  This site is going to be aggressively promoted on The Survival Podcast and of course is on the back of 10,000 pieces of AOCS copper currency currently being minted.

I have also just completed a book called “The Real Truth About Money” which will be both a free eBook and available in hard copy for about 9 dollars a book.  The book is currently being edited and the electronic copy should be available very soon.  This book uncovers the reality of the U.S. monetary system like nothing previously written and in language the average 8th grader can easily comprehend.

So TRTAM is destined to become a very popular and successful site.  So by getting involved now you can help tell the truth about money, educate people to the slavery of debt based currency and gain great exposure all at the same time.

Again full details are available on our Write For Us page, please read that page in full before asking questions about the program.

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