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The Real Truth About Money is looking for contributing authors.  By blogging on TRTAM.com you will help us spread the message of financial, civic and economic literacy.  You will also gain exposure to our readers and build your own brand as a blogger.

If you are interested in writing for TRTAM.com send email to submissions at trtam.com.  Selected contributors will have an account where they can post their own articles, edit them and submit them for final publication.

What We Are Looking For From Contributors

Let’s start out with what we are NOT looking for.  TRTAM is about education and current issues we are not a how to invest newsletter, how to get rich by shorting the market or how to use day trading schemes to become the next internet millionaire.  We realize there are many finincial writers out there that provide advice and products for investing.  Some are great, some suck and if you provide such advice or services you are welcome to contribute here.  We will even give you a byline in your article to promote your blog or site but what you contribute here needs to focus on current events, monetary policy, etc.

In particular we are looking for analysis of current events such as actions by the Federal Reserve, the World Bank etc.  For example we are looking for insightful articles about staying out of debt but we do not want articles about a “debt elimination program”.  You get the point, we want articles that help educate people to THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT MONEY.  In the end if you read a few of our articles you will get a feel for what we are all about.

What You Get Out Of It

Well in addition to the satisfaction of helping your fellow man you get exposure.  At the end of your articles you can provide a byline of up to 100 words telling the audience who you are and providing a link to your blog or website.  TRTAM.com is a new site but it is already recieving many visits a day and growing rapidly.  The site is managed and promoted by Jack Spirko via his podcast “The Survival Podcast” which is wildly succussful and listened to over 15,000 times a day so TRTAM.com will soon become an extremely popular site.  So by helping us grow you help yourself grow as well.

Syndicating Articles On TRTAM.com

We do allow syndication with some limitations.  First syndicate means that the article is published on your own site or on another site and a portion of it (generally 200-300 words) is featured at TRTAM.com and a link to read the entire article is featured at the bottom of the syndicated portion.  This is a great way for you to gain exposure because readers must go to your site or blog to read the full article.  We do allow this with two limitations.

1.  For each syndicated article you must first provide one exclusive article to TRTAM.com  Exclusive in that you publish it in full at TRTAM.com and do not publish the full article on any other site for 10 days after publication on TRTAM.com.  You of course still get your byline in the article as well as the right to embed links to prior articles, sources, etc.

2.  When you do syndicate an article you must include at least 100 words of orginal text introducing the syndicated portion.  In effect tell readers why you are providing the article for them and what relevance it has to TRTAM.com

This article is an example of a properly syndicated article http://www.trtam.com/the-death-of-money

Copyright Stuff and IPR Rights

We consider your submission legal permission to use, publish and promote your content.  Once submitted we have full rights to use your content on TRTAM and on other outlets.  After the 10-day exclusivity window you regain full rights to publish the content via any other means you choose.  The 10 day exclusivity window is on the honor system in the first place, violators will simply loose the ability to submit further content.  The key is once you submit content to TRTAM we gain permanent rights to its use, however, you don’t give up any rights to use it for yourself in future endeavors.

You may not submit content owned by others.  When you submit content to TRTAM you are stating you have the rights to said content.  If your submission is property that belongs to another party and TRTAM is faced with legal action due to copyright infringement we will take the content down at once and defer the legal responsibility to the offender.

Approval Process and Time to Live Publication

In general an editor will approve or reject your submission within 8-48 hours of submission.  In most instances the article will go live immediately upon approval.  However to accommodate certain publishing goals your article may be on rare occasions delayed a day or two to align with certain themes or publication goals.  If your article is rejected for any reason guidance will be provided on refinement, you can choose to work with this guidance and resubmit your article if you choose to.

In the event that any article is flatly rejected it will immediately become once again the exclusive intellectual property of the submitter and they will be free to publish it elsewhere with out regard to the 10 day exclusivity obligation.  No article is guaranteed acceptance and any content can be rejected by site ownership for any reason.

Submission Process and Article Authorship

We do not and will not accept submission in MS Word or any third party application.  To be a writer for TRTAM.com you need to be familiar with blogging via the word press platform and will have your own account and log in information.  You can compose, save drafts etc.  When you publish your article will be held for editor final approval.   In short you are responsible for the presentation of your content, formatting, embedded images, etc.  The editors will not do any such work on your behalf.


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